A Reef Credit is a tradable unit of pollution reduction


Review of the Reef Credit Scheme

The purpose of this review is to transition the Reef Credit Scheme from beta phase to fully operational.

The draft Reef Credit Standard and Guide v2.0, and supporting documents are open for public comment from 19 July 2021 to 18 August 2021. We invite all stakeholders to submit comments via the Public Consultation Feedback Form.

Review Paper

This document has been developed by Eco-Markets Australia with summary information of proposed revisions, based on a combination of experience operating the Reef Credit Scheme during beta phase and stakeholder input during this time:
Proposed Revisions to the Reef Credit Scheme

Proposed Revisions

The review of the Reef Credit Scheme covers all elements of the Reef Credit Scheme. Revised or new versions of the following documents have been released for public comment:
Reef Credit Guide
Reef Credit Standard
Project Crediting Procedures
Reef Credit Methodology Approval Procedures
Tool for the Demonstration and Assessment of Additionality in Reef Credit Projects

All submissions will be compiled and published on the website at the conclusion of the public consultation process. Please note that comments that include contact details, personally identifying or commercially sensitive information will not be published or otherwise disclosed.