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Getting Started: Reef Credit Scheme

The Reef Credit Scheme is Australia’s first voluntary environmental market where landholders and investors can work together to help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Credits provide financial incentives to landholders for undertaking land management practices that improve water quality in the Reef catchment.

Reef Credit purchasers can help safeguard Australia's natural assets and support landholder stewardship by investing in Reef Credits.

Get started with the following guides on how you can participate and benefit from this innovative water quality market.

Reef Credit Scheme – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to environmental markets or the Reef Credit Scheme, this guide provides a great introduction to this innovative water quality market. The beginner’s Guide covers the purpose of the Scheme, the benefits, who’s involved, how to get involved, and what to consider if this Scheme is right for you.

The guide can be viewed online or downloaded and printed.

How to Earn Reef Credits?

Landholders in the Great Barrier Reef catchment can earn additional income from Reef Credits by undertaking projects that help improve the water quality of the Reef catchment. This guide explains what’s involved in doing a Reef Credit Project and earning Reef Credits, plus tips on how to get started and questions to ask.

The guide can be viewed online or downloaded and printed