validation and verification

Templates and Forms

Procedural forms and templates referred to in the Reef Credit Scheme Guide and Reef Credit Standard detail the processes and forms to give effect to the relevant rules and requirements.

Approved Verifiers

Under the Reef Credit Scheme, to provide assurance that Pollutant reductions are real and correctly estimated, all Projects must undergo independent Verification by accredited an approved Verifiers. This process confirms Project eligibility, Baseline and Project scenario Pollutant reduction calculations, Reef Credit quantity and that the Project was implemented to meet the Standard and applicable Methodology.
An independent and qualified Verifier shall must review the Project and Monitoring Report to assess Pollutant reduction claims against those realised during the Monitoring Period.
The Project Proponent must choose a Verifier accredited either by:
a. The Clean Energy Regulator as a Category 2 (Team Leader) Greenhouse and Energy Auditor; or
b. An organisation accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand Environment Scheme.

List of approved Reef Credit Scheme verifiers: