Environmental Markets

Environmental markets are a solution that help address environmental challenges. They support farming and grazing businesses by recognising, valuing and paying land managers for delivering environmental benefits.

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Project developers partner with landholders to create projects that can improve environmental health.

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Project Design

Projects are designed in accordance with Eco Markets Australia-approved environmental crediting Standards and peer-reviewed Methodologies that quantify environmental benefits.

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Projects are validated by Eco-Markets Australia to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements of the applicable Standard and Methodology.

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Projects are implemented, monitored and reported on by the landholder and project developer.

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Projects are audited by independent expert auditors to confirm the quantity of Credits generated in accordance with the applicable Standard and Methodology.

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Eco-Markets Australia issues Credits which are entered on a secure Credit Registry.

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Sale and retirement

The seller notifies Eco-Markets Australia of the sale of Credits, which are then permanently retired from the Credit Registry.

Investing in environmental markets

Environmental markets administered by EMA are mechanisms to invest in the health of our natural capital. Participating in environmental markets is supporting change and is a visible show of social responsibility. Buyers receive quantified and verified results for their investment. There are clear rules and auditing, to ensure buyer confidence.