July 2, 2024

EMA Quarterly Market Snapshot – April-June 24

Highlights this quarter:

Reef Credit Scheme V2.1 Now Live

Public consultation for the review of the Reef Credit Scheme v2.1 has concluded. Eco-Markets Australia would like to thank all contributors to the public consultation. Feedback received has contributed to a range of changes in the documentation. Additional feedback received outside of the scope of the review will continue to be explored for future updates. The updated documents have now been uploaded onto our website and can be viewed using the link below.


Burdekin Wastewater Plant Joins the Reef Credit Scheme

Eco-Markets Australia is delighted to announce that the world’s first RegenAqua Wastewater Treatment Facility in Burdekin has officially joined the Reef Credit Scheme. This groundbreaking project, a collaboration between Pacific Bio and the Burdekin Shire Council, uses innovative macroalgal technology to significantly reduce nutrient pollution, helping protect the Great Barrier Reef.

EMA Team Update

Liza Davis on the nature and climate nexus discussion panel at the Carbon Market Institute Industry Forum in Cairns.

You might have seen some of the Eco-Markets Australia team out and about at industry events during the last quarter.

Some recent events that the team attended or participated in are:

Hannah Tilakumara on a discussion panel at the Mulloon Institute Rehydration Conference in Queanbeyan.

Joining the Eco-Markets Australia team is Tom Deane, our new Communications and Market Education Officer. Tom brings over two decades of experience in creative marketing and communications roles both in agencies and client side. We are thrilled to welcome Tom aboard and look forward to his contribution to our team.

Tom Deane – Communications and Market Education Officer

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Reef Credit Snapshot

Over the past three quarters, prices have shown stability where Reef Credits issued under the Fertiliser Management method were valued at $100 per credit.

Eco-Markets Australia, as the independent administrator for the Reef Credit Scheme, continues to play a crucial role in overseeing the scheme and managing the registry. The registry tracks approved projects, verified outcomes, and facilitates the issuance, transfer, and retirement of Reef Credits. While Eco-Markets Australia facilitates these processes, it does not participate in the commercial transactions between buyers and sellers of Reef Credits or set credit pricing.