July 1, 2024

EMA concludes review of Reef Credit Scheme.

Reef Credit Review

Eco-Markets Australia has concluded its review of the Reef Credit Scheme.  

Eco-Markets Australia extends our thanks to all participants who provided feedback to the review of the Reef Credit Scheme v2.1. 

The contributions received have resulted in a series of amendments and refinements to the Reef Credit Standard and its supporting documentation. 

Feedback that was beyond the scope of this review is being carefully considered and Eco-Markets Australia will continue to engage with stakeholders to explore ideas presented for future updates to the Scheme.

Eco-Markets Australia is committed to enhancing the Scheme while continuing to uphold its integrity.

The revised Scheme documentation is now live on the Eco-Markets Australia website and can be viewed at: https://eco-markets.org.au/rules-and-requirements/