November 2, 2020

Second Reef Credit Methodology Released

We are excited to announce the release of the second Reef Credit Methodology under the Reef Credit Scheme.

Following a rigorous public consultation and peer review process, the Method of Accounting for Reduction in Sediment Run-off through Gully Rehabilitation – Version 1.4 has been approved for use under the Reef Credit Scheme. This methodology describes the approach to achieve and quantify reductions in Fine Sediment from rural landscapes through gully rehabilitation, within the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

The scope of this methodology includes the design and implementation of landscape rehabilitation measures to reduce the amount of sediment loss from gully erosion. Gully rehabilitation interventions may include:

1) Engineered rock-chute head control structures;

2) Engineered grade control structures;

3) Gully reshaping and capping with rock or mulch, or both;

4) Gully catchment drainage diversion structures (contour-banks and flow-spreaders);

5) Soil amelioration (i.e. with gypsum and other non-toxic chemical stabilisers);

6) Revegetation of treated gullies and gully catchments;

7) Grazing management in treated gullies and gully catchments;

8) Other interventions undertaken to rehabilitate gullies which are fully described by the proponent in the Gully Rehabilitation and Management Plan.

The methodology was developed by GreenCollar Group Limited.

Our thanks to everyone who contributed a written submission on the methodology and thank you for your patience.